Jim Banks Will Defend our Religious Freedom

Our values are under assault on all fronts, in popular culture, in our schools and in the government. Indiana recently experienced this assault full-throttle in the last legislative session when lawmakers first advocated for legislation that would provide Hoosiers with the same protections from their state government that were already available from the federal government. These protections had been put in place over several years in many states across the country.

In Washington we see this fight coming quickly to our federal government as well. The past year has been rife with stories of Americans who want nothing more than to run their business in a manner consistent with their personal values, but we see time and time again how those values are under attack by those who will accept nothing less than compliance with their point of view, no matter how out of line it is with the values of some individuals or business owners.

Jim Banks believes that this issue will unequivocally be one of the defining issues of his lifetime as religious institutions, private organizations and businesses face increased scrutiny and zealous regulation designed to bring them in line with views that are directly opposed to their deeply-held personal values. We will see continued attacks from the government on this issue over the coming years.

Hoosiers who value their religious freedom need to send someone to Washington who will fight to protect their values and not back down when there is a challenge to these important First Amendment freedoms. This country was founded by people fleeing religious persecution – we can’t afford to sacrifice this important founding principle on the altar of relativism.

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