Jim Banks Will Fight to Keep Your Second Amendment Rights Safe in Washington

One after another, our rights have been under attack by liberals who hope to control every aspect of our lives. Our Second Amendment rights have not been immune from these attacks and are usually the first to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

The right to responsible gun ownership has been under attack for decades. Jim is an avid sportsman who enjoys the opportunity to exercise his right to hunt and thinks that all Hoosiers who choose to do so have that right. In fact, as a State Senator, Jim Banks co-authored legislation that would add language that protects an individual’s right to hunt, fish and farm to the Indiana Constitution.

Jim has authored more pro-gun legislation than any other candidate running for Indiana’s Third District. He’s actively identified ways to protect Hoosier gun owners’ rights under Indiana law and worked hard to implement those policy ideas at the Statehouse. His advocacy for the Second Amendment and votes on issues that impact gun rights has earned Jim an “A+” rating from the National Rifle Association. He was also awarded the Fifty Caliber Freedom Award from the National Associaiton for Gun Rights for Jim's advocacy for the Second Amendment in the Indiana State Senate. NAGR has also endorsed Jim in his campaign for Congress.

If you feel our Second Amendment rights are under attack, then join Team Banks so we can help send him to fight back and protect our rights in Washington!