Radio Ad: Duty

We went on the air this week with a new radio ad, titled "Duty." You can listen by clicking on the track below.  If you'd like to learn more about Jim's position on these issues, please visit his national defense issue page. The script of the ad can be found below the track.


Radical Islamist terrorists are attacking Americans overseas and here at home.

That’s why Jim Banks is committed to giving our military the weapons, training, and technology they need to defeat our enemies.

And, as the only federal candidate in America who recently served in Afghanistan, Jim Banks knows something about defending America.

That’s one reason Jim Banks is endorsed by Combat Veterans for Congress.

And, Jim Banks will honor the promise made to veterans by voting to get them the healthcare, job training, and services they need.

Jim Banks believes our military should be the strongest in the world --- so no enemy can challenge us.

Protecting our families...defending America...Jim Banks for Congress.

Jim Banks:

I’m Jim Banks and I approve this message.


Approved and paid for by Jim Banks for Congress.