Northeast Indiana voters have a great tool at their disposal – casting a ballot for candidates who are not afraid to represent their views and stand up to special interests who put our nation at risk! When you register to vote you give yourself the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Unfortunately as more people and more people become disillusioned with their government, our voice is diluted. The requirements to vote are pretty straightforward – you must be a United States citizen who will be 18 years of age or older by November 8, 2016, have lived in the precinct where you’re voting for at least 30 days prior to the election, not serving time in prison as the result of a criminal conviction and be registered to vote. If it has been some time since you voted or if you’ve never voted before, registering to vote is really simple – and you have a number of options to get it done.

Voter registration is now open until April 4 for voter registration to re-open. For those who are in the military or are living overseas there are some special deadlines for you to follow – you can learn more about how to register on the Indiana Secretary of State’s website.

If you’re not in the military and haven’t missed the deadline, you have a number of choices at your disposal:

  • Register to Vote Online - The most simple option at your disposal is to go to and register to vote online. If you’ve already registered and just want to verify your status, find out where your polling place is located or just see what other offices are on the ballot you can get that information there as well.
  • Use the App - The Indiana Secretary of State’s office actually has an app you can use to register on your Apple or Android device. You can download the app from your app store or go to and download the app directly from the Secretary of State’s website.
  • Register to Vote by Mail - If you prefer to fill out a paper form and submit it, you can download the Indiana Voter Registration Form and send it to your county’s voter registration office (the list of all the counties and their office addresses are on the second page of the form). If you do file through the mail and want to check on the status of your registration you can call 1-866-IN-1-VOTE (1-866-461-8683).
  • Register to Vote in Person - Another option to file is doing so in person. You can register to vote at your local county voter registration office, your county clerk’s office, or at your local BMV license branch. When you file in person you can check on the status of your registration by calling 1-866-IN-1-VOTE (1-866-461-8683).

If you’d like more detailed information about the rules and regulations regarding voting in Indiana elections, please visit the Indiana Secretary of State’s Voter Information Portal where you get the details straight from the source. Once you’re registered to vote, learn more about why you should support Jim Banks for Congress or join Team Banks and help us get Jim elected to Congress.