There is no accomplishment of this session of Congress that outweighs the impact of the Republican tax cut on our nation. When Congressman Banks was elected to Congress, he dreamed that he may have the opportunity to be a part of significant tax reform like the cuts that were passed when he was a young child. He did not expect that dream to become a reality so soon.

The tax cut plan has been nothing short of an economic revival. It has unleashed unprecedented economic growth across our land. Not a week passes that we don't hear about another company providing bonuses or giving their employees raises because they're not sending that money to the federal government as they were before.

Of course, the work is not yet done and the government is spending money faster than it can be printed. Banks is eager for Congress to tackle the challenge of our budget deficit. He was recognized by Club for Growth for having a 98% voting record consistent with their viewpoint during his first year in Congress.

While the problem of excessive government spending won’t be solved overnight, Banks is determined to be part of the solution. He is committed to ensuring that we don't place a burden of indebtedness on our children’s  generations because we weren't courageous enough to make the tough choices today.