Ambassador John Bolton

Foreign Policy Senior Fellow at American Enterprise Institute

I am proud to endorse these U.S. veterans for Congress because they have served in our armed services and they know what it takes to keep America safe. These candidates are uniquely qualified to deal with international issues in a world that is growing increasingly dangerous for America. It is imperative that we elect them to Congress.

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Erick Erickson

Editor, The Resurgent

I supported Marlin Stutzman in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District when Marlin ran the first time. He won and is moving up to the Indiana Senate race. That leaves the 3rd district vacant and I hope you will join me in supporting Jim Banks for Congress... I think he’ll be a good social and fiscal conservative fit in Congress.

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James Dobson, Ph.D.

Jim Banks is the best candidate in this race to advance pro-family, conservative values in Washington... As a private individual, I am honored to endorse Jim Banks for Congress, and pray that his election will be the start of a new generation of leaders who will return this nation to the constitutional principles upon which it was founded.

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Ben Sasse

U.S. Senator (R-Nebraska)

I met Jim Banks when he was serving our country in Afghanistan. He is a constructive conservative who understands the threats we face at home from an ever expanding fourth branch of government; and abroad from the rise of ISIS and jihad in the Middle East. He is exactly who we need in Congress today.

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Thomas Massie

Congressman (R-Kentucky)

We need to make sure that Marlin Stutzman's seat doesn't go to someone who gives their voter card to the Speaker. I said I wasn't going to get involved in another Republican primary because you can make a lot of enemies that way. While I repeatedly resisted, people kept telling me about this guy in Indiana named Jim Banks. He's for a lot of the same things I'm for, like food freedom and getting our privacy rights back - things that aren't exactly main-line  Republican issues, most of all taking control of spending and getting our debt under control. After I met Jim I said, "This guy needs to come to Congress. I need this guy fighting with me."

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