One of the most common frustrations for voters is figuring out where to go to cast your ballot. After years of volunteering at polling locations Jim Banks’ team knows how frustrating it can be to have to find a different location year after year. Worse yet is to go to where you’ve been voting for some time only to discover the location has changed.

We’re glad to help – we want to be sure you know right where you need to go to vote for Jim Banks and we have a couple of tools to share with you!

First – you can look up your polling location online. The Secretary of State’s office has a website they have set up with information designed to help voters get information about the election. The website is They only need a few pieces of information to look up your voter registration record and they can share with you where you vote, what your ballot will look like (including other offices that are up for election), and contact information for your local election board. Be prepared to share your name and your date of birth to get access to this information.

Another option you have is to have us look it up for you – our team is glad to help you any way we can to be sure you have every opportunity to vote for Jim Banks for Congress. Just send us your name, address and your email on this form and we’ll be glad to send you a note with your polling place location before the election, as well as any early voting options that may be available to you.

If you’d like more information about where to vote, you should visit the Indiana Secretary of State’s website for the latest official information.